The German Breakfast Sausage Containing Nutritious Steel Cut Oats.

What We Do

Goetta, that’s what we do which is why we like to call ourselves Goetta specialists! We do it fresh, daily and with family tradition. We do Goetta right. Sometimes we kick up the spice, other times we feature turkey. But no matter how it is made, there is nothing like Gliers Goetta.

What we do at Glier’s Goetta is just as much about who we are, as what we craft. We are still owned and operated by the Glier Family who perfected the recipe. We are proud to be located in our historic building near the Ohio River, 533 Goetta Place. We are a carefully trained and dedicated team of Goetta professionals who slow-cooks and hand-stirs every batch of our Goetta in the same small batch size our founder, Robert Glier, used over 70 years ago.

We invite you to wander through our “virtual” Glier Family kitchen. Unveil our secret ingredient, taste each and every variety, educate yourself on the nutritional values of our homemade handiwork. Let us even share with you the famous Oktoberfest Brand Sausage that we craft!



The slow-cooked recipe that launched Glier’s Goetta in 1946. Sold one-pound-roll at a time, Original Goetta is our top-selling product.


Tame enough for the uninitiated, and just hot enough to wake up all the flavors, Hot Goetta is our Original with a hint of white and black peppers.


Featuring the famous Glier’s Goetta recipe and fewer calories, Turkey Goetta is our answer to the health-conscious consumer who is unwilling to sacrifice taste.


For years before the Glier Family perfected Goetta, this is how it was produced – in bulk, cut from large, wide pans. Today, we offer over six pounds of Original Goetta as a slab.

Mini Slab

There’s nothing mini about the Glier’s Goetta experience wrapped up in this mini slab. It’s the Original variety you love, chilled overnight, and then packed.

Goetta Bun Links

You never knew (food) love like this before. Nestled within a soft bun, there is nothing better than a hot-off-the-grill Glier’s Goetta Link. To achieve certain heaven, smother with sautéed peppers and onions.

Goetta Patties

Redefine your barbecue with Glier’s Goetta Patties. Turn your grill into the hero of the cul-de-sac with Goettaburgers served right alongside the Glier’s Goetta Links. Decorate them as you would the boring burgers they replace – with ketchup, mustard, and all the fixings.

Bacon Goetta

The perfect mixture of two breakfast favorites, Gliers Goetta and real hickory smoked bacon. The addition of bacon adds the hint of smoked flavor and crunchy texture. We believe you’ll agree, that’s it’s a great combination!



Glier’s Goetta is delicious. At breakfast, lunch, and even dinner, Glier’s Goetta is a treat. It has a history all its own, and Glier’s Goetta is woven into the fabric of its enthusiasts’ lives. Glier’s Goetta is also nutritious. That’s right, Glier’s Goetta is NUTRITIOUS.

It’s hard to believe that Gliers Goetta could possibly be good for anything other than your taste buds. But, the fact is that what makes Gliers Goetta savory and unique - whole grain pinhead oats - is what makes it heart-healthy, cholesterol-friendly, and fiber-rich.

Pinhead oats, also known as steel or course cut oats, Irish oats, or Scotch oats, lend their high contents of vitamin B, calcium, protein and fiber to the Gliers Goetta recipe. These oats arrive at Gliers Goetta milled and unprocessed. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) asserts that diets rich in whole grain foods are low in total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and may reduce the risk of some cancers.


Now that you’ve been intrigued by the greatness of a good, clean oat, you also must know the absolute simplicity of the Glier’s Goetta recipe. Today, just like in 1946 when it was perfected, Glier’s Goetta is neither mass produced nor manufactured. Rather, Glier’s Goetta is slow-cooked, a machine-less technique proven tried and true by our mothers, Grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. It’s a technique not practiced by very many other sausage makers.

In fact, Glier’s Goetta is a slow-cooked mixture of pork, beef, pinhead oats, herbs and spices, that’s it. Through the course of slow-cooking, much of the fat that remains in a traditional sausage is removed from Glier’s Goetta. These practices, coupled with the inherent values of the pinhead oat, make Glier’s Goetta a health-conscious choice.


Take your healthy Goetta experience to a whole other level with Glier’s Turkey Goetta. Widely recognized as a “healthy food” by calorie-counters and the heart-conscious, turkey is naturally lower in fat than most other meats and is packed full of protein. (You can thank Mother Nature for that.) Mixed with the same pinhead oats and spices as Glier’s Original Goetta, fresh cuts of turkey stand out like never before in Glier’s Turkey Goetta. At just 120 calories and zero trans fats per serving, this just may be the perfect recipe. (You can thank Glier’s for that.)


We are proud to report the outstanding nutritional values attributed to all varieties of Glier’s Goetta.

For the numbers to back up the claims, take a gander below.


Glier's Goetta Products:
Calories Calories from fat Total fat Saturated fat Cholesterol Sodium Total carbohydrates Dietary fiber Sugars Protein Trans Fats

Regular Goetta

(serving size: 2 oz.)

180 110 12.0 4.5g 30.0mg 480.0 10.0g 2.0g 1.0g 8.9g 0

Turkey Goetta

(serving size: 1/6 of pkg..)

180 50 5g 1.5g 30.0mg 540.0mg 10.0g 3.0g 0.0g 11.0g 0

Hot Goetta

(serving size: 2 oz.)

180 110 12.0g 4.5g 30.0mg 480.0mg 10.0g 2.0g 1.0.0g 8.0g 0

Goetta Bun Links

(serving size: 1 link)

240 140 16.0g 6.0g 35.0mg 650.0mg 11.0g 2.0g Less than 1.0g 13.0g 0

Goetta Sandwich Patties

(serving size: 1 patty)

340 225 25.0g 9.0g 50.0mg 1000.0mg 16.0g 2.0g Less than 1.0g 15.0g 0

Bacon Goetta

(serving size 2oz)

160 120 13.0g 4.5g 25.0mg 410.0mg 6.0g 1.0g 0g 5.0g 0


Oktoberfest Brand Sausage

Glier’s Goetta began in 1946 as a simple sausage shop where our founder, Robert Glier, perfected his art of sausage-making. Glier’s recipes have stood the test of time, and live on today as Oktoberfest Brand Sausages. New generations discover the Oktoberfest Brand every day. A testament to Glier’s craftsmanship, Oktoberfest Brand sausages have been the top-selling custom-made brats and metts featured at the wildly popular annual Oktoberfest Cincinnati event for over thirty years.



If you live near Cincinnati, you, no doubt, call these links “metts.” All you need to know (wherever you are) is that these Smoked Sausage Links are packed with pork, beef, and spices, and sent to the smokehouse for a long, slow visit.


These are our smoked sausage links kicked up with some extra red pepper.


Best hot-off- the-grill, Oktoberfest Brand Brats are quite possibly the most delicious Cincinnati-style brats you can buy. The fresh onions and steam-cooking that this recipe Requires, makes this flavorful brat legendary.


As sausage aficionados to our very core, we just couldn’t resist the temptation to perfect the traditional Italian sausage we all know and love. Let Oktoberfest Brand Sausages show you how Italian is done “perfecto.”