The German Breakfast Sausage Containing Nutritious Steel Cut Oats.


Goetta is the end of boring breakfasts. When you hear the popping and sizzling of the freshly sliced Goetta cooking along with the spices infusing the air, you can hardly wait to get a fork full. When the final patty is flipped unveiling a perfectly cooked batch of Goetta, it makes it all worth while. It’s a hearty, delicious German breakfast sausage that is full of flavor and served crispy. When your fork breaks through the delicate crisp outside and moves carefully through the creamy center, you can hardly stand the exhilaration.


Pronounced “get-uh,” Goetta is a German breakfast sausage that blends the textures and flavors of pork, beef, whole grain steel-cut oats, fresh onions, and spices. It is slow-cooked daily in our factory and perfectly prepared when browned and served. Producing over one million pounds of goetta each year, Glier’s Goetta is the best selling Goetta in the world.


First, slice the Goetta into half-inch patties. Making sure they do not touch each other (to be sure they will not stick together), place the patties in a non-stick skillet that has been preheated to a medium temperature, 350 degrees. Let it cook for about 6 minutes, allowing the first side to brown completely. Flip, and brown the other side until crisp. When both sides are golden brown, the Goetta is ready to enjoy.


Glier’s Goetta is regional to the greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area. You can find it in every major food retailer including; Kroger, Sam’s Club, Wal-Mart, Jungle Jims, and Meijer. If you are outside of our area Gliers Goetta is readily available through Cincinnati Favorites.