Our founder Robert Glier with wife,
Louise and baby Dan.


1946 Covington, Kentucky

... A young Robert Glier, brave entrepreneur just returned from the war, gently closes his eyes to truly savor
the all-consuming glory of the moment. It is here, in his very own butcher shop, on a floor covered in sawdust,
here, where the dream takes flight. While he could never know just exactly where the flight would take him,
the stage was set, then and there, for the development, discovery, and delivery of the world’s best-selling goetta...

"The historical Goetta Factory Building
from the 1880's to the present."
"Originally built as part of a brewery."


Molded in the eyes of a passionate craftsman, developed and advanced in the care of
a dedicated family, devoured and celebrated by generations of loyalists, and positioned
to grow and shine as the best-selling goetta in the world, Glier’s Goetta truly is an experience.
Every bite, every crackling forkful whisks the spirit home in just a trace of its aroma.
This is the tradition of Glier’s Goetta.
This is the true story of generation after generation.
This is what we’re about. THIS IS GLIER’S GOETTA.

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